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You want to improve your Google search rankings, but you don't have the time or money for an SEO agency.

Most people think that they need a full-service marketing agency to get their website optimized and ranked on Google. They're wrong! And it's not just about saving money; there are many other benefits of doing SEO yourself, including more control over how your site looks, increased flexibility in what you can do with your site content (like adding new pages), and greater knowledge of how everything works so when something breaks down, you will be able to fix it quickly.

ProspectLadder is a step-by-step guide that shows website owners exactly what they need to do in order to get their website ranked on page one of Google for hundreds of keywords related to their industry. By following the ProspectLadder process outlined in our software, businesses can avoid expensive mistakes and save thousands by optimizing their own websites.

Do it yourself SEO tool

Prospect Ladder SEO software is more than just rankings - it delivers the full benefits of having an SEO professional on your team. ProspectLadder's algorithms drive SEO guidelines, so you can be confident that your website's success is optimized without any guesswork on your part. The best thing about ProspectLadder is that our customers provide all of their input and receive results to further enhance their SEO strategy.

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Entrepreneurs, Owners, Founders and Professionals are happy with how easy it is to use this system! With just a couple clicks you're optimizing your site for search engines in minutes!

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  • No Long term Contracts- receive HUGE return on investment
  • Assists with creating your SEO Strategy
  • Prioritize tasks based on your available time
  • Easy to follow steps after software reviews your website
  • Will tell you how, why and when to complete actions
  • Watch your rankings rise like an SEO expert

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  • Help perfroming required tasks
  • SEO Strategy Completion
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  • Help with Backlinks
  • Assist with Journalist Entries
  • Set Hourly Tasks 4, 6, or 8hrs

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