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Your friends, co-workers, and clients will thank you when they try ProspectLadder for the first time. They'll get 25% off the 1st Month and you'll earn 10% recurring monthly commissions for 12 months(Including our Service Packages!).

Our Affiliate Programs Steps

Step one

Get a unique Referral link to track who visits the page and signs up.

Step two

Share your link with people so they can get the disocunt

Step three

Earn 10% Commission for the 1st year when they purchase a subscription

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Terms of Service

Who can become an Affiliate?

Affiliates do not have to have an active subscription for one of ProspectLadder's softwares. They cannot self refer and you can apply to be an affiliate without a subscription but it is subject to approval.

Cookie Life and Account Activity

Cookie life for your referrals is 30 days. If there is no account activity for 90 days we have the right to end relationship.


Earned when your referral activates an account and payment. All tracking will be through our Affiliate tracking software provider. Commission paid on monthly software subscriptions and any service packages.


Payouts will be Net 30 on specified payout date the month following new sign ups.

2nd Degree Referral Commissions

Will I receive a Commission if one of my referrals/clients then adds more through their business or Affiliate link?

You will receive a commission for the 1 referral but not that clients future sign ups or clients that they have for their business. For Example if you sign up Joe's SEO Company and he has 3 licenses on the sign up day then you will get credit for those 3. You will not receive credit for any of Joe's future clients that he signs up or more than the 1st 3 of his clients.