Boost Hiring with LinkedIn Automated Recruiting Software

Source Active, Passive and Past Candidates for Open Jobs.

Passively find people on LinkedIn and convert them into candidates for interviews, 1-1 conversations instantly

LinkedIn recruitment automation software that helps sourcers and recruiters to organize and automate their LinkedIn connections and follow-ups. After the prospect connects with you, ProspectLadder sends an automated messaging campaign to help you book interviews or have meaningful conversations. The messages can be automatically adjusted based on the prospects location, role, and job status - all with minimal setup time required from you! Discover which messages work best for your audience by using multiple campaigns well as our pre-written templates.

ProspectLadder helps recruiters and sourcers be more active on LinkedIn, saving them up to 40 hours per week.

Do you have empty job positions and a lack of talent to fill them? You are not alone. Around the world, recruiters spend over $300 billion every year on recruitment costs. Our software will help your recruiting efforts by giving you an automated toolset that takes care of any and all LinkedIn Outreach for your company's jobs opening. ProspectLadder saves time and money with its advanced features such as data importing, contacting automatic drip messaging campaign setup, candidate pipeline management and more.

We help hiring teams and sourcers find, connect with, and message passive candidates

ProspectLadder helps sourcers and recruiters to find the perfect talent match with fast automation and message scheduling. Employers can organize their pipeline, and see who will be contacted to create a more efficient process in recruiting supreme candidates. Market your success with automated outreach through statements such as "Congratulations- you have been selected for an interview" or offer job right from your LinkedIn profile by clicking on "Apply." Create drip messaging campaigns that correspond with all of your communication preferences so you are able to weed out slow responders from those who may be interested in interviews, or just want quick conversations about company culture.

Affordable Pricing Customized to Your Needs

Choose from Basic Monthly Subscriptions to ASSISTED Packages and FULL SERVICE Done For You

Gold Software ONLY Monthly Subscription

1 User Access to use Prospect Ladder

  • No Long term Contracts- receive HUGE return on investment
  • Unlimited Campaigns- Email and Open InMail bring in more Leads
  • Connector, Messenger & Multi-Channel Drip Campaigns using both LinkedIn and Email Outreach
  • Integrations with many Apps SAVES YOU TIME
  • Works with Basic LinkedIn, Sales Navigator and Recruiter Lite
  • Import Leads from LinkedIn Searches, LinkedIn Groups, LinkedIn Events, LinkedIn Post Engagement and CSV File
  • Follow Profiles, Like Posts, Comment and Endorse on Auto-Pilot
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4 Step "Sales and Recruitment" Guide


Are there any long term contracts?

No. You can use Prospect Ladder on a month to month basis and will only be billed for each monthly billing cycle.

Are the above features the only ones for the software?

No way! There are so many features built into Prospect Ladder that we did not have room to list them all. The User Guide will list all of them;but a few more are Blacklists to eliminate Companies or People, and Agency use perks such as non-duplication of prospects.

Is it hard to use Prospect Ladder?

Prospect Ladder was designed to be user friendly. Our User Guide and demo are usually enough to get started. You can always contact us for more help.

Is there a guarantee on landing candidates or sales?

Since there are too many factors that go into closing deals and hiring personnel we do not make those guarantees. However, we know our product will provide you a tangible and measurable increase in Hot Sales Leads and Candidates that are qualified for your open positions.

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