How to Optimize your LinkedIn profile for LinkedIn Outreach


LinkedIn is such a great platform for people for many different reasons. Whether you are looking to connect with co-workers, build a network of connections, sell your services or look for a job the possibilities are endless. With over 675 million users in a month, 30 million companies and the fact that engagement increases over 50% most years why would you not be using this platform?

Once you have decided to dive in or refresh that old account that you started about 6 years ago, but rarely touch, it would be a good idea to brush up on common profile optimizations. There are companies that will do this service for you, guides on the internet, and some blogs that can give you the tips you need to increase the strength of your profile. When you make a first impression with a new connection request why not take advantage of all of the features and make it the best yet? Most guides start with optimizing your Profile picture. Like all of the features of your profile this represents you to strangers and connections. You have full control if you would like to to be 100% businesslike and professional or use more of a casual photo. At Prospect Ladder we advise to take into consideration your audience and adjust the profile picture accordingly. Keep the photo well lit , facing the camera and it does not hurt to smile. (Not Required). Just don't look like you are about to faceoff against your enemy in a 12 round Heavyweight fight.

Moving forward, or actually behind the profile picture is an often overlooked area where the Background image is located. Here you can choose to show uniqueness in your personality, but we prefer to use it as a digital billboard that shows some sort of quick summary of what you are/have and what you can provide. This does not have to be a full sales pitch but use that real estate to your advantage. There are some easy websites that have templates for the background photo. Our favorite is Oh, and do not forget to make sure it looks optimized on a cell phone as well. You may have to play with the image location a bit but why not have it perfect in both formats. Cell phone format here:

Screenshot 2020-08-15 at 21.59.05.png

The Headline is your next chance to grab someone's attention and help with that first impression. It is short but carries a big punch. You could go with Title, Company and a unique Identifier if you are just existing BUT why not use that as another chance to offer value and pitch just a bit? Some uniqueness may be cool also. We like to have our clients add their title and a short value statement to quickly summarize what they can do. When people are scrolling through they will see your name and this headline and sometimes make decisions based on that alone. Again, if you are networking only you may feel like Title and a couple words about you are enough. If you are selling an awesome software that helps people find more leads and candidates then you may want to squeeze that in there. Check out how my desktop format is different than the cell here:

Mike LinkedIn Profile Snip.PNG

The next opportunity to sell yourself, company, or services is the About Section. This is where you will expand on that value in your Headline. Really pad out what you do, why you do it, and how people/companies can benefit from it. You have a chance here that if someone is putting this much time into you then it is a great opportunity for them to learn about you, your business or service and trust you. Add a website link, an email, or a demo link to a calendar here. At this point they may be ready to not only connect but ask you for some help. As you get down to the Experience section it also should be completed and look professional as well. Please make sure it is accurate and worth reading. Just like how you tailor a resume with keywords when applying for a job do that with your experience section so when a potential client, customer or employer reads it they know you are the right fit.  Don't forget to add some Skills, Endorsements and do not be afraid to ask for relevant Recommendations. As you should always be willing to help someone else out; ask for that recommendation. Never pass up a chance for someone else to recommend you which helps a prospective client, customer, connection to trust you. 

After following all of these steps you should have a really sharp looking optimized profile to assist you as you navigate the world's largest professional social platform. Good Luck.