Firefighter trains you high tech ways to increase revenue

Hello all,

On first glance the question/title has probably never been asked before and the answers would be quite interesting. At Prospect Ladder we take a wide variety of experienced people and have formed a team to help you achieve your sales and recruitment goals. In our first blog we will explore how our founder transitioned from firefighting to staffing and recruitment to lead generation then to sales. Throughout this process learning new technologies and steps to create custom successful LinkedIn prospecting campaigns to find more leads and job candidates.

Most Public Safety workers have multiple jobs throughout their career and mine has been no different. During rookie school I worked part time as an security alarm monitor, this is where I had my first experiences with information technology and automation. Then transitioned to delivering mattresses which was my first experience in customer service under stressful conditions. If you have ever carried a king size mattress up a set of interior stairs with a low ceiling you will understand. I learned quick ways to build rapport with my customers and their trust since I was a stranger working in their homes and in their bedrooms. That position led me to work for a prominent world known author. While I did not learn any lead generation, sales techniques or talent acquisition I did have some interesting conversations with a very knowledgeable writer. From there the real estate industry came calling and the sales started soon after by selling mortgages. Along with mortgages the one on one relationship building started with mortgage closings. Being able to deliver quality results a a rapid pace for settlements while paying attention to detail became an asset to the team. Helping people to receive a return on their investments was just as rewarding as providing emergency services to them in their time of need. Next steps were to create a company that would help other businesses staff their job sites while providing part time work for other emergency responders. See a trend yet? Helping other people and companies is one of the most rewarding careers anyone can be luck enough to have. On demand staffing was a 24 hour a day 7 day a week commitment but our customers depended on us to deliver at all times.

We then started to source IT and other candidates for a start up. The owner's and co-founders relied on our expertise to fill in their service gaps while they concentrated on operations and growing their business. The ability to grow a new business through sales and staff all positions with high quality personnel lead to their success. This all lead to a new passion of utilizing the fast paced technology in this world to help sourcers and recruiters to find the most passive candidates that are sought after by any Human Resources manager. Provided ways to automate the sourcing process allowed the recruiters to spend more time vetting candidates and preparing them for interviews. The assistance of using a software as a service proved invaluable. Combining the recruitment technology and applying it to a tried and trusted sales process was another smooth transition. Lead generation became another way to help others realize the return on their investments to bring in higher revenues and larger profits. With technology we were able to cover a large geographical area to zero in on quality prospects. Those prospects were added to the sales funnel as a very warm lead ready for a meeting or demo. They also were well informed thanks to the software of what they were buying and knew it was a safe tool they could trust.

So there is the short version of how a firefighter can help a person or company with Sales and Recruitment. Pretty Simple just like the software that Prospect Ladder has available along with the done for you services to bring in warm leads and land great candidates. For those that want to learn and run the tool on their own it can be done with very little training. Many times the 30 minute demo is enough to get up and running successful campaigns. Along with our support group and user guide all of the features can be learned as needed. For those that would like a little assistance with onboarding we can help optimize their profiles and turn their social media into a sales or recruitment billboard to bring in revenue. Finally we offer a "done for you" service as your dedicated personal lead generation company and/or as a supplement to your recruitment team. You choose which plan works best for your budget and will almost instantly reap the returns on your investment from month 1. See you next time.